About the Company

Who are Hypericon

Hypericon Ltd. is a UK based advanced software engineering company.

Hypericon are the powerhouse behind the Hypertable Cloud based Data Management Platform.

Hypericon are experts in web and embedded software engineering and utilise the latest software development languages and standards to develop state-of-the-art solutions.

Why Hypertable was developed

Many businesses know that technology application is the key to growing their business operations and maximising the customer experience of their products and services.

There has been a major shift over the last decade from software running on PC’s, performing dedicated tasks such as spreadsheets and word processing, to cloud hosted Software as a Service models offering diverse arrays of solutions without the need for IT infrastructures and overheads.

Many businesses rely on spreadsheets and text documents to manage their day-to-day tasks and data sharing.

While database systems have been around for decades to organise data, they have tended to be application specific and difficult to customise to the specific work environment and workflows of modern small to medium business enterprises.

There has been a major shift in toolsets from these PC-driven database applications to cloud based flexible data management systems.

With Hypertable, businesses can build their data management systems and workflows to create solutions that are tailored for their needs. The people that know the business and associated processes can create the applications.

Hypertable empowers your business to take control of your own data and processes.